Welcome to the John W. McCormack Civic Association!  The purpose of our volunteer Association is to help maintain and improve the quality of life in our North Dorchester neighborhood by working in partnership with the city government, local businesses and other community organizations to bring about civic betterment and social improvements for the good of our residents and the welfare of our community.


You are invited to browse our website to find out more about our Association, our work and how you can become more involved in making your neighborhood an outstanding place to live, work and enjoy.



Feature story

Holiday Wreath Hanging on Dorchester Avenue and Boston Street


Thank you to all our neighbors and friends who generously donated their time, energy, skills, equipment and vehicles to place and secure Holiday Wreaths on 84 light posts on our neighborhood's two main streets; Dorchester Avenue and Boston Street from Columbia Road to Washburn Street.


The wreaths and our two main streets look fabulous thanks to everyone who pitched in on Saturday, 22nd November 2014.


If you would like more information about upcoming projects and events or to volunteer your time, please sign-up to join the Beautification Committee.  Your assistance will be welcome and appreciated.

You can help us create a safer neighborhood for everybody!


The Association works closely with local law enforcement agencies and your elected representatives to help keep our neighborhood a safer community for everyone to enjoy.  


You are invited to help as well.  If you see a crime or anti-social behavior such as prostitution, panhandling or illegal drug activity taking place, you should do any of the following to report it, anonymously.


  • Call 9-1-1
  • Call 1-800-494-8477
  • Text 'TIP' to 27463 (CRIME)


You are also welcome to join the Public Safety Committee.  This committee acts as a forum to support community partnerships to prevent crime and the fear of crime in the neighborhood. The committee focuses on neighborhood priority issues such as prostitution, panhandling, illegal drug activity, burglary, home invasion, car theft and other public safety concerns.  The committee works with the Boston Police Department, Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Police and other law enforcement officials to problem solve, share information and address issues.


Sign up today and help us keep our neighborhood a safe place to live!